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Price Cleaning Services Las Vegas is the leading house office apartment cleaning company in Las Vegas Nevada. Call us for all your commercial janitorial residential cleaning needs. We are open 7 days. Best Cleaning Company in Las Vegas Henderson NV!

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Not only does our professional team clean homes, but we are also a commercial cleaning company. We are an experienced group to accommodate any type or size of building for your office needs. We clean offices, warehouse, factories, medical facilities, restaurants, etc. Our staff uses color coded rags to prevent crossed contaminations in areas of bathroom, kitchens, and desks. Sanitation and health is always our main concern and that is why we train our staff with these procedures.

A standard cleaning is designed for people who don’t have the time or energy to keep their homes clean on a regular basis and is intended to take over that routine maintenance of the home. When you book standard cleaning services with Price Cleaning Services Las Vegas, you know that your home will always be healthy and happy, without the hassle of looking after it yourself.

At Price Cleaning Services Las Vegas, we understand your busy schedule and we are just a phone call away. Let our experienced cleaners do the cleaning for you, while you sit and relax or just go on with your day. With our Affordable price it makes it easy to have you’re house looking spotless all the time. Now you can host more parties and rely on our cleaners to do all the hard work for you. At Price Cleaning Services Las Vegas we show your home some TLC because we care! We follow up with an email so you can rate our service. We offer residential homes such as condos, town homes, pent houses, mansions, duplex, apartments, etc.

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    Effectively cleaning a home or office space does not require the use of harsh chemicals. Heavy-duty jobs are often synonymous with industrial grade chemical solutions and products, but at Denver Cleaning Service Company, we’ve discovered the secret to performing the highest quality cleaning services with the lowest possible damage to Mother Earth.

    Our experts know how to get the job done, and our quality of work speaks for itself. But when it comes to professional cleaning services, there’s a hidden impact that comes with our work. From paper waste to skewed pH levels in various cleaning products, there’s a lot to consider when working to protect our environment and offer high-end services to our Denver neighbours

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